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Talent Discovery/Identification2018-11-28T20:57:57+00:00

The FindMyTalent Algorithm works by creating a Funnel of all possible Talent Categories and then step by step narrowing down to one particular Talent. It currently identifies 26 different Talent Categories. While some are broad like Engineering, others are specific like Entrepreneurship or Comedy. The ProMytheUs Team is working towards breaking down and integrating more Talent Categories. The Latest addition is Teacher – which includes all manners of teaching Talent including the ability to Coach or Train others.

Talent Quotient or Talent Score2018-07-06T13:40:22+00:00

The TQ Algorithm is built specifically for Each Talent Category by breaking down each Talent or Ability in 16-22 components – each carrying a weight based on the importance of that component towards the overall ability. The weights have been determined by talking to Expert Talents in the particular field and research by the team, to determine what they value most when measuring Talent in that field.

How is ProMytheUs different from Myers/Briggs or Strength Quest?2018-11-28T20:54:49+00:00

ProMytheUs looks to find and measure Ability directly without getting to it indirectly through psychological assessment. A baseball scout discovers a promising pitcher by evaluating a child’s ability to throw the ball. How far? How long? How accurately? Whether the child is introverted or extroverted has no bearing on the ability to throw the ball. Using the same analogy ProMytheUs has been built to measure important Ability Traits – be it Math or Comedy.

Does ProMytheUs use Personality Traits, IQ, EQ etc?2018-11-28T20:55:46+00:00

ProMytheUs does not use Personality Traits, IQ, EQ and other psychological parameters to identify or measure Talent. It however uses a 20 point personality questionnaire after TQ has been measured and supplements it with a simple IQ, EQ and a unique Visualizer Test to connect each Talent Trait with certain psychological attributes to validate, strengthen and indicate likelihood of achievement of Talent goals. So the Integrated ProMytheUs Score is an overall assessment and is separate from the TQ.

Does ProMytheUs predict success?2018-07-06T13:42:16+00:00

ProMytheUs does not predict success. It helps you identify your Natural Born Talent – also sometimes called Innate or Raw Talent and helps you maximise it with with a plan based on the relationship of your TQ with your integrated score (automated plan is in development)

How accurate is ProMytheUs?2018-11-28T20:56:04+00:00

Use FindMyTalent or Start registering your Talent with ProMytheUs and see for yourself. You may also request a Demo – we are happy to come to your school/college or organisation to Onboard 5-10 individuals and during the process you will be able to observe how well it works. Since the Prototype was finished earlier this year – ProMytheUs has been in field tests in India & US and it has so far worked perfectly in more than 200 instances. Because it works with direct Ability traits and requests Talent Evidence or Testimonials after a Talent has been identified and scored – it is yet to be proved wrong.