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I found it interesting that ProMytheUs could discover potential talents of my children which are unrecognizable through the activities they are engaging in, or by people who do not know our family well. I am using this as a tool to help guide them in pursuing what they like and do best. I am looking forward to see how their talents unfold and impact their lives. If ProMytheUs were available to me decades ago, I would have taken a more effective path in pursuing what I do best.

Administrative Coordinator, Libraries – The College of Wooster, Ohio

I have been in finance my whole career, and even though I felt fulfilled by it it never really felt right. I went through FindMyTalent through ProMytheUs and I was so surprised how accurately it pegged my interest in public speaking. Never too late to start something that fulfills me.

Natasha Wood, Former controller at Schaeffler, current business owner of Jump n Shout, Smithville, Ohio

ProMytheUs is the perfect tool for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Because these kids have lack of exposure and have access to limited resources – it has been impossible to determine their Natural abilities. Now with ProMytheUs, suddenly they all can feel their worth and find a path for their Gifts. It was awesome to see Umesh who has motor function disabilities discover his Talent as a Maker- Creator. We now plan to provide him with Computer Aided Design training to augment his drawing and creating Talents.

Anouradha Bakshi, Founder of Project Why, a learning center for Disadvantaged & Disabled Children – New Delhi, India

I have seen ProMytheUs work beautifully for our kids with learning disabilities. In particular, one example comes to mind – 13 year old dyslexia and ADHD afflicted Mohd Ubed of Nalanda Institute had never been thought to have any particular Talent by his Teachers or Parents. ProMytheUs discovered his Natural Born Talent is Magic. Ubed is a born Magician. And he went on to show us a trick right there with a coin we gave him. He can already do more than a dozen tricks very well. When ProMytheUs graded him – his Talent Grade was over 60. A very promising Magician.

Arti Gandhi, Principal of The Year, 2017, Maharashtra State, India. Principal, Nalanda Foundation (School For Children With Learning Disabilities), Mumbai, India

I would like to use ProMytheUs to identify and map the Talents of all our 9000 Students in the schools that I run. We were delighted with the results of the Demo they held for our kids from 3 Schools in one day. The confidence that the children derived from finding out their Natural Talent is extremely motivating.

RJ Bhuvanesh, CEO – KRM Group Of Schools, Chennai, India